Few brands have a history as proud and passionate as MG. Since 1924, MG has been making cars people love to drive.

Many timeless beauties have been produced at MG and with that, we continue to embrace the almost 100 years of classic British design and combine it with our most advanced global technology in every model we produce.

The British style of MG can still be seen today in our present lineup; from the London Eye headlights all the way through to the European interior styling.

At MG, we are renowned for our Motorsport DNA that is still sealed to the designs of our new vehicles such as the classic MGB to the notable Cyberster.


MG 14/28

The Origin of MG’s Sports Gene

MG started off as a sports car division of Morris Cars. It came to the public's attention in 1924 with the first model of the series: the MG 14/28, with a top speed of 65 mph.

These cars established the MG marque as a favorite amongst sporting motorists.


The Old Number One

Smaller, faster and fun to drive

Having outgrown his sales desk job, Cecil Kimber at Morris Garages in Oxford heads into the garage and starts working on his vision; building smaller, faster and fun to drive cars. He created the first MG sports car: the Old Number One.


MG M-Type Midget

The people’s sports car

M-Type is MG's first real “people’s sports car". It is the best display of MG's courage to innovate. It’s fast, fun and affordable. The car gained immediate popularity upon its launch.


MG K3 Magnette

MG beats the competition

The MG K3 Magnette won the Mille Miglia, one of the toughest races in the world at the time. Captain George Eyston & Johnny Lurani were the first non-Italian team to take the 1100 cc class win.


MG TC Midget

The birth of cool

The company launched the MG TC, complete with cool features and gadgets. MG produced over 10.000 TC cars. It started the American craze for British sports cars.


MG ZA Magnette

The year of the classic Magnette

Initially, the MG ZA Magnette raised a lot of eyebrows. However, its solid performance and superior features made it everyone’s favourite in no time.



MG streamlines for the future

MG readies its sports car line for the modern enthusiast, with a new 1498 cc engine and a sleek, aerodynamic shape which set the scene for an exciting production history, with more than 100,000 MGAs sold in its seven year life.


MG EX181

Record breakers

MG took speed to new heights in the period of 1954-1959 with two new record breakers.

The EX181 also known as the Roaring Raindrop was taken to the record-breaking speed of 245.64mph (395.31 kmh) on the Bonneville Salts flats legendary driver Sir Stirling in 1957. Then two years later it broke that record reaching 254.91 mph (410.23 kmh) when driven by fellow F1 racer Phil Hill.



A bestseller

The MGB roadster was the best-selling MG for decades. It’s arguably the first modern MG, since it was the first MG to use monocoque construction. It went from 0 to 100km/h in only 11 seconds and sold over 500,000 units.



Small car, big power

Being part of British Leyland meant MG had access to a wider range of engines, like the 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine. A small car with this amount of power proved to be a very popular combination.


MG Metro

Great things, small packages

After the doors of Abingdon closed, many thought that this was the end of the MG era. It was not. MG emerged stronger and launched the fun and compact MG Metro. It still has a huge fan base.



A legend reborn

Through the 1980s the popularity of the MGB and classic cars in general grew. There was a tangible demand for sportscars once again. In 1993 the MGB made a comeback in the guise of the MG RV8, a 3.9-litre V8-engined roadster.



The rebirth of cool

The MGF was the first all-new MG sportscar since 1962. There was huge excitement ahead of the car’s release. It was innovative: it had a mid- engine and gas suspension. And people loved it: It quickly became a best-seller across much of the world.



Back with a fresh look

The brand new MG6 GT was a four-door hatchback, showing a balance of MG’s sporting sedan heritage whilst integrating contemporary design. The MG6 GT and Magnette were a preview of the aesthetics of the next generation of MG products.



New era, new demands.

Future forward as always, MG realised the need for a personal touch. So MG introduced the MG3; giving consumers the power to co-design their cars with high level customization options. The MG3 opened the eyes of the global automotive consumer to MG again.



Design meets power

The MG5 emerged as an absolute star, being a spectacular compact car with a stunning exterior design, plush interiors and a high-performing 1.5 litre petrol four-cylinder "VTi-Tech" engine.



A winner’s winner

Jason Plato, one of the most successful drivers in the history of the British touring car race, drove the MG 6 GT, returned to the BTCC after a lapse of 10 years, and assisted the MG team to win 6 races and win 5 single championships.



The first SUV

Always at the forefront of innovation, MG launches the MG GS, the first-ever MG SUV. Better agility enabled the MG driver to take his MG both on and off the road.



Get connected

The MG ZS was introduced in 2017. MG’s first model with internet connectivity quickly gained popularity all over the world. It has been sold in over 40 countries, approaching 800k in six years. The all electric version, the MG ZS EV, made its debut in 2018.


MG E-Motion Concept

Beauty and E-motion

The stunning E-Motion electric coupe concept was designed to accelerate 0-100 kms per hour in less than four seconds, with a range of over 500 kms. Truly a head turning MG.


MG X-Motion Concept

Beautiful beast

The MG X-motion followed the MG brand design philosophy of Emotional Dynamism, as seen before in the E-Motion. A beautiful beast. The MG HS SUV, launched in the same year, would become the production model of the MG X-Motion concept car.



Family friendly and fun

The MG ZS EV is family- friendly, fully electric and lots of fun. The MG SUV was launched in mainland Europe in 2019.


MG Cyberster Concept

Futuristic Roadster

Meet the MG Cyberster, a two-seater electric sports car recalling MG’s classic roadster legacy, while also ushering in new high-tech features, including an interactive gaming cockpit and 5G connectivity. It has an EV range of about 800km and goes from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds.



The stunning sedan

In 2022 MG revealed its biggest sedan so far – the MG7, a stylish 5- door coupe with a sporty salon. An effortless combination of space and luxurious style.


MG4 Electric

A growing electric family

By 2022 five new energy MG models have been introduced in mainland Europe, with MG4 Electric, a fully electric hatchback, being the latest addition to the MG Family.


More to Come

Legacy for the future

Firmly rooted in a rich legacy of future forward design and innovation, MG will continue to expand their legacy, developing automobiles that move people.