Cookie Policy

I. General

We ourselves and the service providers we use process personal data on this website and use cookies and similar technologies in this context. In the following, we would like to inform you in general about the use of cookies and similar technologies. This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Notice, where you will find further information about the processing of your data.

To manage your consents comfortably, a consent banner is displayed when you first visit our website. You can inform yourself about the use of cookies and similar technologies and the processing of personal data on our website and give your consent to services requiring consent.

By default, only technically necessary services are active on our website. The use of cookies and similar technologies, which are not technically necessary for the provision of the website, is generally only based on your consent. You have the option to consent to all services ("Accept all"). Likewise, you have the option under "More info and settings" to give your consent only for certain categories of services or to decide individually on the use of services.

To avoid displaying the banner to you each time you visit our website, we save your consent settings in the web storage of your browser. The consent data (consent and withdrawal of consent) will be stored for 1 year.

You can withdraw your consent at any time with future effect via the consent settings in the footer of our website.

You can also deactivate cookies that are used for range measurement and advertising purposes via the deactivation page for consumers from the EU:

II. What are cookies?

Cookies are stored in the browser on the end device (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet) of the user. They contain information that is stored about a page visited. The cookie is either sent to the browser by the web server or generated in the browser by a script (JavaScript). The web server can read this cookie information directly during future visits of this page or transfer the cookie information to the server via a script on the website.

III. What are similar technologies?

Not only cookies, but also similar technologies can store information on your terminal device or access information located on your terminal device (so-called client-based tracking). Some service providers do not store the data collected by the browser on your end device but transmit the collected data directly to the web server (so-called server-based tracking).

1. Web storage

With web storage, information is stored locally in the cache of your browser. The stored information is either automatically deleted again after closing the browser window (session storage) or continues to exist so that it can be read out again when you visit the website again (local storage), as long as you do not delete your browser cache (browser data).

2. Web beacons

Web beacons are 1×1 pixel-sized graphics that are embedded in various ways in websites or also in e-mails (newsletters) and also serve to collect and analyze user data.

IV. Purposes

1. Technically necessary services

We use services on our website that are technically necessary for the operation of our website in order to provide you with a functional, safe and stable website. The cookies and similar technologies used in this context enable you to navigate through the MG Motor website and use the website's functions.

2. Functional services

We use services on our website that enable us to improve the functionality of our website. The technologies they set influence the behavior and appearance of our website. For example, we may provide you with external content on our website.

3. Marketing services

We use services to display relevant advertising to our visitors in advertising networks. For this purpose, cookies or similar technologies collect, among other things, information about visitor behavior on our website. Other cookies are used to limit the frequency with which you are shown a certain advertisement or measure the effectiveness of the respective advertising campaign.

4. Analytics services

We use web analytics services on our website. The cookies and similar technologies used in this context help us to collect information about the use of our website. Based on the usage data of our visitors, we can understand how our visitors move around the website, which pages are frequently accessed and are important for our customers. We compile anonymous statistics, which help us to better understand the needs of our website visitors and to continuously improve our website.