Who owns MG?

MG is one of the car brands of the Shanghai based company - SAIC Motor. SAIC Motor produces over 7 million cars on an annual basis, which makes it the No. 7 car manufacturer in the world. For more information on our parent company, please, take a look at SAIC Motor's corporate site by visiting saicmotor.com.

About SAIC Motor Corporation Limited

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor) is the largest auto company in China.

MG is one of the car brands of the Shanghai based company SAIC Motor. The company is actively promoting new energy vehicles and the commercialization of internet-connected cars, as well as exploring other emerging disruptive technologies. SAIC Motor produces over 7 million cars on an annual basis, that makes it the No. 7 car manufacturer in the world.

Where is your office located?

The European Headquarter is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Where can I do a test drive?

Test drives can be booked here.

Where can I find information on buying or leasing an MG?

For information on buying or leasing the car, please refer to the country-specific websites.

Details and specifications of the MG ZS EV

Details of the MG ZS EV can be found at https://mgmotor.eu/model/zs-ev.

Details and specifications of the MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid

Details of the MG EHS can be found at https://mgmotor.eu/model/ehs.

Details and specifications of the MG MARVEL R Electric

Details of the MG MARVEL R Electric can be found at: https://mgmotor.eu/model/marve...

Details and specifications of the MG5 Electric

Details of the MG5 Electric can be found at https://mgmotor.eu/model/mg5

Details and specifications of the MG4 Electric

Details of the MG4 Electric can be found at https://mgmotor.eu/model/mg4

When can I get information on future products?

We announce all information about future products via our newsletter, which you can sign up to here, and also on social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok.


Where can I find information on servicing my MG?

For information on servicing, please refer to the country-specific websites.

Where can I download software updates? Are they for free?

You can update the map software by visiting https://mgtouch.naviextras.com Update of the charging points on the map is free for 3 years.


How long is my warranty period?

After the first date of registration, MG cover consists of 60 months for vehicles registered before 01/01/2021 and 84 months for vehicles registered on or after 01/01/2021

Are there conditions for the warranty to apply?

Yes, to qualify for the MG warranty, the vehicle must have a full and accurate service history, in line with MG recommended servicing plan, using Original Equipment Specification (OE) parts and fluids. For more details, please read the Warranty Statements.

Do parts come with a warranty?

Yes, MG provides 24 months unlimited mileage warranty on MG genuine replacement parts, unless specified otherwise in the Warranty Exceptions. Only original parts appearing in the MG retail price list and sold by an authorized MG point are the responsibility of MG for Warranty purposes.

Does the warranty cover the HV battery of my MG ZS EV?

During a capacity check at an Authorised MG Repairer, if it is determined that the lithium-ion high voltage battery has suffered a capacity drop to below 70% of the original value at delivery of your new MG ZS EV, the segment below 70% will be deemed as excessive loss. Where possible, the excessive loss portion will be repaired; if unrepairable, the lithium-ion high voltage battery will be replaced with either a new or a remanufactured battery.

How does the warranty cover the main vehicle components?

MG Motor has committed itself to provide a warranty coverage period of 84 months or 150,000 km (whichever comes sooner) for the high-voltage battery pack, drive motor, power electronic box (PEB) and vehicle control unit (VCU) as part of the key components of new energy vehicles.

If I use my MG as a private hire vehicle, how does the warranty work?

The warranty policy for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles used for Private Hire (e.g. taxi) is 3 years/100.000 Km (whichever occurs sooner). This limitation includes the High Voltage Power Train Components and the Lithium Ion High Voltage Battery.

Is the MG warranty transferable to a new owner, when I sell my car?

Yes, the warranty can transfer to each new owner so long as it has not expired.

My vehicle body panels have become perforated by corrosion, does the warranty cover it?

The Anti-Perforation Warranty covers the vehicle against perforation due to rust-through corrosion on the body panels for 7 years. In order to keep the coverage, the vehicle must be inspected annually by an Authorised MG Repairer throughout the duration of the warranty period. An MG Corrosion Warranty Annual Inspection Sheet must be filled out and the anti-perforation service documentation record stamped. Any repairs that are identified must be rectified to a standard accepted by an Authorised MG Body Repair Centre.

If I break down abroad (outside of my own country), does the warranty cover the cost?

Yes, MG Motor provides a Pan-European warranty coverage that is valid in all the countries that have official MG authorized repairers.

Roadside Assistance

When does the MG roadside assistance service begin?

MG Roadside Assistance runs from date of first registration.

What is covered by the MG roadside assistance service?

The service covers an eligible MG vehicle that is immobilized due to a technical or mechanical breakdown. For more details, please refer to the Roadside Assistance Statements.

What is not covered by the MG roadside assistance service?

MG Motor Europe neither organise nor provide any assistance services in certain situations, such as road traffic accidents where the vehicle is immobilised. For more details, please refer to the Roadside Assistance Statements.

When I require the roadside assistance service, what kind of information will I need to provide?

If you require MG Assistance, please provide the following information when you call: your name, a contact telephone number, registration, model and color, address, nature of breakdown and exact location.

When my MG needs roadside assistance, must I be driving the car?

No, MG Roadside Assistance is designed to meet the needs of an MG vehicle, regardless of who is driving, requiring assistance in the event of a breakdown.

Which countries cover roadside assistance services?

We provide a Pan-European service which includes most of European countries. For more details, please see Schedule 2 of Roadside Assistance Statements.

How long is the coverage of the roadside assistance?

MG Roadside Assistance runs from date of first registration for a period of 12 months. The coverage can be extended up to 7 years.

How can I renew or extend my roadside assistance in the second year?

The coverage can be renewed for up to 12 months at a time after the last maintenance service carried out by a MG official workshop, within the MG Service Interval Plan period, as described in the MG Service Portfolio. The extension of the program is free of charge.

Which number should I contact, when I drive my MG abroad?

Please contact the service number of the country in which you have originally registered your car. If the country is not listed on our website, please consult your MG local dealer for more information.

Parts & Accesories

Where can I get information about MG accessories?

The MG dealer is the specialist regarding accessories. They can provide you with written information and the possibility of a personal consultation. The MG Accessories section of our website also offers a lot of interesting information on this topic.

Do MG models have a towing limit?

Both the MG EHS and MG MARVEL R have a maximum towing weight (unbraked) of 750 kg. The MG5 and all-new MG ZS EV have a 500 kg towing capacity (unbraked).

How can I best clean my mat set?

The best way to clean the mat set depends on the material. A rubber mat set is easy to clean by rinsing it with clean water, wipe using a soft dry cloth and your mat set is clean again. Fabric car mats are best cleaned with a proprietary car mat cleaner. Let them dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Can I easily attach the bicycle carrier to the towbar?

Yes, that's possible! Especially if the carrier has a so-called quick coupling.

What accessories are available to protect my vehicle?

To protect your vehicle, we offer various ranges of mats, in particular: Fabric and Rubber. For the protection of your trunk, the trunk mat and trunk liner are best suited.

How many mats does the MG mat set consist of?

Most mat sets consist of four mats, the include mats for the front and rear footwells. Mat sets are also available in pairs, for the rear or the front. They are available in two different materials: rubber and fabric. Are you looking for a trunk mat? You can order these separately.