WLTP range
Connectivity System
288 PS
1.8s/ 0-50km/h
EU 7 Years Warranty 3x

The MG MARVEL R Electric is a spacious, luxurious, compact SUV. Made for European motorists who appreciate design, luxury and performance, it’s part of our second generation of 100% electric vehicles. With a smooth, sporty design, the MG MARVEL R Electric combines a generous interior with a futuristic exterior. Factor in class-leading safety, zero emissions and exceptional range, and you’ve got an electric car that’s unlike any other. Welcome on board.

Balanced power

Fast acceleration isn't MG MARVEL R's only highlight. Thanks to the sporty chassis design and calibration, it also offers plenty of driving pleasure.

Marvel r performance image 2

Tri-motor AWD

With 3 electric motors and a combined 288 PS and 665 Nm performance, MG MARVEL R accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Factor in Sport+ mode and Winter mode and you're all set for an exceptional drive.

Marvel r performance image 3


iBooster can ensure the braking performance in various situations with a quicker response. It can also improve the driving experience with different pedal settings.

Marvel r performance image 4

Sporty chassis

The whole chassis is calibrated by the German engineering team. The subframe is made with aluminium alloy, which can effectively reduce the weight and improve the handling and comfort. Front and rear 50:50 load is also perfect for handling curves.

Driving Confidence

Only the most cutting-edge EV technology has been used, for maximum range and performance.

WLTP range
34% Battery density improvement
Large module battery cell pack
Hair-pin motor with 2-gear transmission
Efficient drive
Marvel r range image 1

Large module cell pack

MG MARVEL R uses a large module cell pack solution, which increases both volume energy density and weight energy density and gives you a longer range.


Electric motors

All the electric motors on MG MARVEL R use hair-pin winding technology, which is more efficient than the traditional method. The rear 2 motors work separately to ensure maximum efficiency.



As well as increased battery capacity, the charging capacity is also improved. A 3-phase 11kW on-board-charger supports faster AC charging, and up to 90kW charging power enables the battery to be charged up to 80% in around 40 minutes.


2-gear transmission

The rear motor attaches to the 2-gear transmission. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the transmission can shift to high-speed gear to improve efficiency.


Heat pump aircon

Compared to normal Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) aircon, the heat pump can improve energy efficiency by up to 50%, giving you more confidence when driving the car in winter.


Comprehensive care

New features have been added to MG MARVEL R to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers.


Battery protection

Rigid structure

Lightweight body

MG Pilot

L2 Partial Autonomous Driving


Battery safety

The whole battery pack has undergone strict safety testing. After different impacts from any angle, the pack will cut the high voltage within milliseconds, ensuring the battery's safety and avoiding the fire risk.


Top level body structure

The structure is a world-leading rigid yet lightweight body. More thermal formed steel, aluminium alloy and other composite materials are used to ensure its strengthened and lightweight performance.

Active safety

MG Pilot in MG MARVEL R also includes the latest features: ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping) and DWS (Drowsiness Warning System). Together with the latest hardware all the functions can prevent and avoid potential accidents and achieve partially autonomous driving.


Passive safety

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, but thanks to MG MARVEL R's rigid body structure and 7 airbags (including the far-side airbag) passengers have maximum protection from severe injuries.


Multiple cameras

Multiple sensors and cameras that go beyond the visual range to ensure the safety of those inside and outside the vehicle.

Futuristic expression

MG MARVEL R adopts a new, intelligent electric design concept along with a comprehensive upgrade of the exterior and interior.

A sense of ritual

Light expression

SUV Coupe

Body style

"Stanford Torus"

19'' rim


Coupe body type

The low roof and smooth C-pillar are very dynamic, both under the front and rear of the car. This gives the body a forward stance, creating a more impactful proportional feature.


Entire waistline curvature

The entire waistline curves smoothly, with a double arch design on the wheel packs on both sides. Simple and refined, these design elements come together effortlessly.


Universe LED light belt

A calming, slender band of light runs through the front face before it kicks back inward.


Integrated matrix headlamp

The overall design is inspired by space battleships, with two light strips embedded with rectangular modules. The main light adopts a brand-new sub-light layout form.


Arrow taillight belt

A light strip traverses the rear, stretching the visual width of the vehicle, and adopting the theme of arrow feathers inside. The directional design leads the visual focus to the central logo area.

Premium Interior

Visible or invisible, it's always high quality.

Bose audio system
9 Speakers
Virtual pedal
Power tailgate
Nappa seat
With ventilation
Marvel r comfort image 1

Bose audio system

The Bose team used their professional knowledge and skills to carry out a comprehensive analysis of MG MARVEL R's cabin. That included precise analysis like sound effect testing and balance adjustment to create sound that takes you to the concert site to truly feel the music.


Slim Air vents

Expect a 900mm ultra-long concealed air outlet design, integrated with the overall central control design, and equipped with 4 sets of intelligent electric fan blades that can intelligently control the blowing angle according to temperature changes. Plus, the air purification system filters harmful particulates including all pollens and some viruses to keep the cabin air healthy.


Welcome mode

The superior experience starts from the moment you approach the vehicle. The concealed door handle will reveal itself and the seat will resume the driving position once the power is on.


Power tailgate with virtual pedal

Simply move your foot close to the virtual pedal under the tailgate, and the tailgate will open.


Panoramic sunroof

Open it to allow the fresh air in and feel the sun on your skin, wherever it is you're heading.


Excellent NVH performance

95% covered by NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) soundproof material, including double-layer soundproof glass. When it's quiet, it's like being in a hushed concert hall. When the music plays, the sound waves will bring you the ultimate driving enjoyment.


Premium seat

The seats are integrated with Bader Nappa leather with a sporty design and both heating and ventilation functions. Vertical dual-hardness foam filling technology also improves pressure distribution when seated.


Ambient lights

The 64-colour "Aurora" ambient lighting can transform the atmosphere inside the car, and also move with the rhythm of your music.

Digitalised Cockpit

Fully digital and connected for a better driving experience and intelligent interaction.


19.4" touch screen

The entire screen is made of Corning Gorilla glass, with virtual and physical buttons on the screen to make the operation safer and more efficient.


12.3" digital cluster

3 different areas display all the necessary information, and you can customise the widgets to suit you.


Wireless charger

Charge your smartphone on the go.

MG iSMART connectivity system

An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?

Marvel r ismart image 1

Before departure

The iSMART app helps you quickly locate your vehicle and check it’s safe to drive at the touch of a button. Plus, you can use the remote control to pre-set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature before you’ve even stepped inside.

Icon find you vehicle
Find your vehicle

Determine the exact location of your car.

Icon vehicle status diagnosis
Vehicle status diagnosis

Easily check the status of your car and make sure it's safe before you set off.

Icon route planner
Route planner

Plan your trip beforehand, and sync your route in the vehicle.

Icon app remote control
App remote control

Turn on the aircon to pre-set a comfortable interior temperature.


On the road

Once you’ve planned your route you’ll get real-time traffic updates, route guidance and an accurate arrival time. Not only that, but the app will tell you all the points of interest you won’t want to miss along the way.

Icon connected navigation
Connected navigation

Get real-time traffic updates and accurate route and arrival time calculations.

Icon online points of interest
Online points of interest

Find everything worth seeing on your route.

Icon range visualisation and charging point
Range visualisation and charging point info

No more range anxiety - know your range and get real-time charger information for your route.


On the road

No need to worry about range – see exactly how much further you can travel, as well as real-time charger info on your route. Plus, you can navigate, stream music, make a phone call and control your vehicle on the journey with hands-free voice controls.

Icon amazon prime music
Amazon Prime music

Log in to your Amazon Prime account to listen to the latest tracks from your favourite artists.

Icon dab

Save your preferred station and MG iSMART will remind you not to miss your favourite programme.

Icon hotspot

Passengers run out of data? No worries, use the data hotspot from the vehicle and stay connected.


On the road

Stay connected on the move with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which bring all the features of your phone to your car’s central touchscreen. And don’t forget to save your favourite DAB+ radio station to the app – it’ll remind you when your favourite show is on.

Icon weather forecast
Weather forecast

Check the weather for your current location or wherever it is you're heading.

Icon voice control
Voice control

Make the most of hands-free controls for music, navigation, phone, and vehicle control.

Icon carplay
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Smartphone connection is easy with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto onboard.


After arriving at your destination

Can’t remember if you locked the car? No problem. You can unlock and lock it using the app, as well as checking on the battery level and range ready for your next trip. You can take a look at all your driving stats too, including how much CO2 you’ve saved by driving fully electric.

Icon lock and unlock the car
Lock and unlock the car

Not sure if you locked the car? Just lock or unlock it using the App.

Icon alarm geo fence

A push message will be sent to the vehicle if any abnormal status happens.

Icon set scheduled charging
Set scheduled charging

Want to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the evening? Don't forget to set the scheduled charging.

Icon vehicle status statistics check
Vehicle status and statistics check

Check the battery level and range ready for your next trip.

More than smart

Beyond its exceptional performance, MG MARVEL R has the versatility you need to carry all your essentials - whether it's for the daily commute or a weekend trip.


Front and rear trunk

The trunk volume is 357L, and the tailgate has a huge opening, which makes loading items nice and easy. The rear seats adopt a 60/40 design, which can expand the trunk volume to a maximum of 1396L when they're folded down. The front trunk has a volume of 150L. Everything from your charging cables to your briefcase can be placed in here, or a 24-inch suitcase.


Abundant interior storage space

Utilise the interior space to its full potential, with 5 phone slots, 8 cup holders, and a large space beneath the floating console. The rear area is spacious with an adjustable rear bench and storage box on the rear armrest.


750kg towing capacity

MG MARVEL R has a 750kg approved towing capacity, so you can transport everything you need.



Vehicle-to-load (up to 2400W) makes MG MARVEL R more practical so you can utilise the battery energy in normal daily life.



  • 19“ rim
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • 8 speakers
  • Heat pump
  • Power tailgate
  • PU seats


  • 19" rim
  • Front seats heating and ventilation (optional)
  • Power tailgate with virtual pedal
  • Inside auto dimming rearview mirror
  • Sporty seats with true leather
  • 360° camera
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Ambient lights


  • 19" rim
  • BOSE audio system
  • Front seats heating and ventilation (optional)
  • Power tailgate with virtual pedal
  • Tri-motor AWD
  • Sporty seats with true leather
  • 360° camera
  • Panoramic sunroof


Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Comfort Luxury Performance
Dimension and Weight
Length (mm) 4674 4674 4674
Width (mm) 1919 1919 1919
Height (mm) 1613 1613 1613
Wheelbase (mm) 2804 2804 2804
Ground clearance (mm) 133,9 133,9 131,9
Front trunk cargo space 150L 150L -
Rear trunk cargo space (Unfold/Fold,L) 357-1396 357-1396 357-1396
Unladen mass (kg) 1810 1810 1920
Technically permissible maximum laden mass (kg) 2288 2288 2373
Technically permissible mass on each axle (kg) 1100/1342 1100/1342 1100/1342
Towing capacity (unbraked, kg) 750 750 750
Towing capacity (braked, kg) 750 750 750
Type PMS motor PMS motor PMS motor
Max Net Power (kW) 132 132 212
Max Torque (Nm) 410 410 665
Transmission 2-gear automatic 2-gear automatic 2-gear automatic
Electric Motor and Battery
Battery (kWh) 70 70 70
On-boarder charger max power (kW) 11 kW 11 kW 11 kW
DC charging time (5~80%) 43 min 43 min 43 min
Max speed (km/h) 200 200 200
Acceleration (0~100km/h) 7,9 7,9 4,9
EV range (km, WLTP) 402 402 370
Energy consumption (Wh/km) 194,1 194,1 209
E-call system
Auto hold
Child anchor
Rear seat ISOFIX with upper tether & lower anchor
Rain sensor
Direct TPMS
Front airbags for driver and co-driver
Side airbags for driver and co-driver
Far-side central airbag
Side curtain airbags for driver and co-driver
Co-driver side airbag deactivation
Assistance System
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC)
Speed Assistance System (SAS)
Front Collision Warning (FCW)
Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA)
Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
Lane Keep Assistance (LKA)
Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)
Rear Traffic Alert (RTA)
Lane Change Warning (LCW)
Emergency lane keep (ELK)
Drowsiness Warning System (DWS)
Multi-Collision Braking (MCB)
Door Opening Warning (DOW)
LED day running light
LED Headlight
LED Taillight
Rear LED fog lamps
Twilight sensor
Welcome light
High-mounted braking light
Park Assistance
Front and rear parking sensor
360 camera with transparent chassis view -
Safety Belt
Front 3 point + pretensioner and load limiter
Rear 2 sides 3 point + pretensioner and load limiter
Front and rear safety belt reminder
Front safety belt height adjustment
Roof rail
Rain sensor and boneless front wiper
Rear wiper
Tinted windows
Privacy rear windows
Power tailgate
Virtual tailgate pedal -
Active Grille Shutter
Outside Mirrors
With turning indicator
Electrical adjustment
Auto fold
Auto tilt when reversing
Body colour
Door Handles
Concealed door handle
Lazy lock
12V socket
V2L (Vehicle to load) discharging
Trunk net and hook
Trunk lamp
Alloy sporty pedal
Knob gear shifter
Chromed door handles
Sunvisor with mirror and lamp
Headlights home function
Auto anti-dazzling interior mirror -
Premium door decoration panel
Rear LED reading lights
Ambient lights -
Welcome mode
Sunroof with anti-pinch
Panoramic sunroof
Heat pump
2-zone climate control aircondition
Rear vents
Aircondition with air purification
Window Lift
Electrical lift
All window auto up & down
All window anti-pitch
Steering Wheel
4 Way adj.
Virtual cluster 12.3" 12.3" 12.3"
Speakers 8 8 9
Premium audio system - -
3 microphones
4 USB portals
Wireless phone charging -
MG iSMART Connectivity System
Remote control
Voice control -
Weather forecast -
Real-time traffic navigation with range prediction -
Trip and agenda synchronization
Amazon streaming music -
Carplay/Android Auto
Central floating touch screen
Central Lock
Remote lock
Keyless entry
One-button engine start
Driver seat 6 ways adjustable
Co-driver seat 4 ways adjustable
Driver seat electrical adjustable with memory
Co-driver electrical adjustable
Driver seat manual lumbar support
Map pocket behind the front seats
PU seats - -
Partial leather seats -
Front seat heating -
Rear seats with central armrest with cup holder
40/60 foldable rear seats
Front seat ventilation* -
Alloy rims 19"
Tyre repair set
Home charger Type 2 Mode 3
Type 2 Mode 3 Charging cable
Prism Blue Metallic paint Marvel r specs prism blue
Cumulus White Metallic paint Marvel r specs pearl white
Pebble Black Metallic paint Marvel r specs pebble black
Beton Grey Metallic paint Marvel r specs beton grey
Night Watch Grey Metallic paint Marvel r specs night watch grey
Grey -
Brown (Alcantara) - -

The images shown here are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the standard specifications per type. No rights can be derived from the photos. MG reserves the right to change models, colours, specifications and equipment without prior notice and without obligation to change the cars already in the market.