WLTP Range
From 0-50km/h
Connectivity System
MG Pilot
Driver Assistance
7 year warranty

We've updated our best-selling model to bring you the all-new MG ZS EV: a comfortable, intelligent, 100% electric, family-friendly SUV. Featuring a new design and longer range, and without compromising on practicality or style, the all-new MG ZS EV is perfect for urban driving and weekend travel. With a choice of two batteries, the all-new MG ZS EV is ready for your next urban adventure.

New ways to anywhere

The all-new MG ZS EV now offers a range of up to 440km, so you can go longer distances without charging.

440 km
40 min
Fast charging up to 80%
34% Battery density improvement
Large module battery cell pack
Zs facelift range header CUTOUT
Zs facelift range 01

Drive further

No matter if it's a working day or weekend travel, with a choice of battery with either a 320km or 440km WLTP range, you can drive further with the all-new MG ZS EV.

MG ZS EV 2023 Charge faster
Zs facelift range 02b
Zs facelift range 02

Charge faster

With a bigger battery, you get faster charging. With 3-phase 11kW AC charging, you can wake up with a full battery every day if you're using overnight home charging. And with up to 92 kW fast charging power, you can reach 80% within 40 mins.

Zs facelift range 03

Large module cell pack

The all-new MG ZS EV has a large module cell pack solution, which increases both volume energy density and weight energy density and gives you a longer range.

Highly efficient electric motor

The highly efficient electric motor and dedicated calibration of the driving modes make the MG ZS EV a dynamic urban SUV.

Zs facelift performance 01

Highly efficient electric motor

The motor comes with low-pressure casting technology, reducing the weight and noise and vibration level. Thanks to the hairpin winding, the motor has around 1% more efficiency and 10-15% more torque and power than regular electric motors.

Zs facelift performance 03

Intelligent temperature management system

Equipped with the liquid cooling and pre-heating system, MG ZS EV always ensures ideal battery pack temperature.

Zs facelift performance 02

Three driving modes

From urban commutes to country road trips, choose between Eco, Normal and Sport mode and allow the car to fully adapt to your driving needs.

Zs facelift safety header
Safe travels

MG always ensures safety as its top priority, whether it's the body structure or the battery pack, along with MG Pilot and other safety measures.

Zs facelift safety 01

Battery safety

The whole battery pack has undergone strict safety testing. After different impacts from any angle, the pack will cut the high voltage within milliseconds, ensuring the battery's safety and avoiding the fire risk.

Zs facelift safety 02

Rigid structure

The torsional rigidity of the vehicle body is 25.000 Nm, with a carefully designed energy-absorption cage body and high tensile steel.

Active safety

MG Pilot with L2 partially automated driving functions enable a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Zs facelift safety 03

Passive safety

With a rigid body structure and 6 airbags, both driver and passengers have maximum protection from accidents.

Zs facelift safety 04 EN

Multiple cameras

Multiple sensors and cameras go beyond the visual range to ensure the safety of those inside and outside the vehicle.

Zs facelift videoposter

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Zs facelift design header 02
Zs facelift design header 03
Zs facelift design header 04
Intelligent expression

The all-new MG ZS EV with its intelligent electric design, takes your everyday compact SUV to the next level.

Urban SUV
Intelligent electric design
Grille-less front face
Intelligent electric design
Frame 224 MGZSEV Zoom In Slider
Zs facelift design slider 01
Zs facelift design slider 02
Zs facelift design slider 03
Zs facelift design slider 04
Zs facelift design slider 05

Intelligent dynamic design

With its intelligent electric design including a grille-less front face, sharp LED lamps, 17'' alloy rims with hubcaps, and 'leaping' stance, the all-new MG ZS EV was born to be an eye-catcher.

Zs facelift design 02

"Silverstone" LED front lamps

The 21-unit LED light includes a welcome home function, twilight sensor, and intelligent high beam control system.

Zs facelift design 03

"Phantom" LED taillamps

With 8 units of LED light, the taillamps form a sharp light belt, like a phantom in the night.

Feel at home

The all-new MG ZS EV offers a comfortable and bright interior.

Carbon fibre
Stylish dashboard
1.19 m²
Panoramic sunroof
Breathe Fresh
Air purification system
Zs facelift comfort header
Zs facelift comfort 01

Large cabin space

With one of the best-in-class rear interior headrooms, a flat rear floor and wide-body dimensions, the MG ZS EV is more than capable of carrying all your essentials.

Zs facelift comfort 02

Soft material

With beautifully soft materials, a carbon fibre style dashboard and intricate stitching, the MG ZS EV offers a premium, comfortable and design-led driving environment.

Zs facelift comfort 03

Panoramic sunroof

The MG ZS EV is one of the first models in the segment equipped with this feature. The panoramic sunroof lets you enjoy the ride in the comfort of extra sunlight and fresh air.

Zs facelift comfort 04

Air purification system

The MG ZS EV's automatic air conditioning comes fitted with particulate matter 2.5 filters to provide fresh and healthy air inside your SUV cabin, maintaining a healthy Air Quality Index (AQI). The vent for rear passengers is also included.

Zs facelift comfort 05

Extra USB outlets

This model is equipped with 3 USB type A and 2 USB type C outlets, so everyone can conveniently charge their phone at the same time.

Zs facelift technology header
Digitised cockpit

A fully digital cockpit brings intelligence to daily life.

Frame 21610 1 Touchscreen
Zs facelift technology 03
Zs facelift technology 03c

10.1" touchscreen

A newly designed 10.1" floating touchscreen, with a 170° visual angle and reduced reflective rate, makes it easy to read even in strong sunshine.

Zs facelift technology 03 1
Zs facelift technology 03 2
Zs facelift technology 03 3

7" digital cluster

A Google-style digital cluster, with a 7" full LCD screen, displays all the necessary information digitally.

Zs facelift technology 03

Wireless charger

Charge your smartphone on the go.

All new
MG iSMART connectivity system

An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?

Mg facelift ismart header
Ismart zsev before departure 1 scanning
Ismart zsev before departure 2 fmc
Ismart zsev before departure 3 lock

Before departure

The MG iSMART app helps you quickly locate your vehicle and check that it’s safe to drive at the touch of a button. Plus, you can use the remote control to pre-set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature before you’ve even stepped inside the car.

Findyour Vehicle
Find your vehicle

Determine the exact location of your car.

Bluetooth Key
Bluetooth key

Use your smartphone as a key and allow others to activate the Bluetooth key.

Vehicle Status Diagnosis
Vehicle status diagnosis

Easily check the status of your car and make sure it's safe before you set off.

Route Planner
Route planner

Plan your trip beforehand, and sync your route in the vehicle.

App Remote Control
App remote control

Turn on the aircon to pre-set a comfortable interior temperature.

Ismart zsev otr 1 route

On the road

Once you’ve planned your route you’ll get real-time traffic updates, route guidance and an accurate arrival time. Not only that, but the app will tell you all the points of interest you won’t want to miss along the way.

Connected Navigation
Connected navigation*

Get real-time traffic updates and accurate route and arrival time calculations.

*For MG iSMART Lite only offline navigation is available
Online Pointsof Interest
Online points of interest

Find everything worth seeing on your route.

Range Visualisation
Range visualisation and charging point info

No more range anxiety - know your range and get charger information for your route.

Ismart zsev otr 2 range

On the road

No need to worry about range – see exactly how much further you can travel, as well as real-time charger info on your route. Plus, you can navigate, stream music, make a phone call and control your vehicle on the journey with hands-free voice controls.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime music

Log in to your Amazon Prime account to listen to the latest tracks from your favourite artists.


Save your preferred station and MG iSMART will remind you not to miss your favourite programme.


Passengers run out of data? No worries, use the data hotspot from the vehicle and stay connected.

Ismart zsev otr 3 dashboard

On the road

Stay connected on the move with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which bring all the features of your phone to your car’s central touchscreen. And don’t forget to save your favourite DAB+ radio station to the app – it’ll remind you when your favourite show is on.

Weather Forecast
Weather forecast

Check the weather in your current location or wherever it is you're heading.

Apple Android
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Smartphone connection is easy with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto onboard.

Voice Control
Voice control

Make the most of hands-free controls for music, navigation, phone, and vehicle control.

Ismart zsev after arriving 1 status
Ismart zsev after arriving 2 battery

After arriving at your destination

Can’t remember if you locked the car? No problem. You can unlock and lock it using the app, as well as checking on the battery level and range, ready for your next trip. You can take a look at all your driving stats too, including how much CO2 you’ve saved by driving fully electric.

Lock and unlock the car

Not sure if you locked the car? Just lock or unlock it using the app.


A push message will be sent to the vehicle if any abnormal activity happens.

Set Scheduled Charging
Set scheduled charging*

Want to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the evening? Don't forget to set the scheduled charging.

*For MG iSMART Lite process in car, not in the app
Icon vehicle status statistics check
Vehicle status check

Check the battery level and range ahead of your next trip.

Zs facelift utility header
More than smart

Without compromising on practicality, the all-new MG ZS EV has the versatility to carry all your essentials for your urban adventure.

Zs facelift utility 01

500kg towing capacity

The all-new MG ZS EV has a 500kg towing capacity, so you can transport everything you need.

Zs facelift utility 02
Zs facelift utility 03

Impressive loading and storage capacity

The 448L trunk space is large enough for a weekend trip along with the foldable rear seats and up to 1166L space.

That's not to mention the 75kg roof loading capacity and the dedicated storage spaces inside the cabin.

Zs facelift utility 04
Zs facelift utility 05

Abundant interior storage space

Even more storage spaces are within reach of both driver and passengers.

Zs facelift utility 06


With the V2L function (vehicle-to-load), the MG ZS EV could be your power source during indoor and outdoor activites, allowing you to charge any electric device with an output of up to 2200W.

Compare comfort


  • 17" alloy rim with hubcap
  • LED front lamp and taillamp
  • MG iSMART Lite with Navigation / Smartphone Connection / APP
  • 6.6kW AC charging
  • 11 kW 3-phase AC charging*
  • Reversing camera
  • Front seat heating
  • MG Pilot
  • 10.1" floating touch screen

*Only available on long range version

Compare luxery


  • Blind sport monitoring
  • Rear traffic alert
  • 360° camera
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • 6 loudspeakers
  • Power folding side mirrors
  • PU + PVC seats
  • Wireless phone charger
  • 6 Way electrically adjustable driver seat

*In addition to Comfort edition

Technical Parameters*

ComfortStandard Range ComfortLong Range LuxuryStandard Range LuxuryLong Range
Dimension and Weight
Length (mm) 4323 4323 4323 4323
Width (mm) 1809 1809 1809 1809
Height (mm) 1649 1649 1649 1649
Wheelbase (mm) 2581 2581 2581 2585
Ground clearance (mm) 161 161 161 161
Rear trunk cargo space (Unfold/Fold,L) 448/1166 448/1166 448/1166 448/1166
Unladen vehicle weight (kg) 1570 1620 1610 1620
Technically permissible maximum laden mass (kg) 2060 2070 2060 2070
Technically permissible laden mass on each axle (kg) 1045/1080 1045/1080 1045/1080 1045/1080
Towing capacity (unbraked, kg) 500 500 500 500
Towing capacity (braked, kg) 500 500 500 500
Electric Motor and Battery
Type PMS-motor PMS-motor PMS-motor PMS-motor
Max Net Power (kW) 130 115 130 115
Max Torque (Nm) 280 280 280 280
On-board charger 6.6kW - -
On-board charger 11kW - -
DC charging time (30~80%) ~30min ~30min ~30min ~30min
DC charging time (5~80%) ~40min ~40min ~40min ~40min
Max speed (km/h) 175 175 175 175
Acceleration (0~50km/h) 3.6 s 3.6 s 3.6 s 3.6 s
Acceleration (0~100km/h) 8.6 s 8.6 s 8.6 s 8.6 s
EV range (km, WLTP) 320 440 320 440
Energy consumption (Wh/km) 173 178 173 178
Edition Comfort Luxury
E-call system
Hill launch assistance
Auto hold
Rear door child lock
Rear seat ISOFIX with upper tether & lower anchor
Rain sensor -
Direct TPMS
Front airbags for driver and co-driver
Side airbags for driver and co-driver
Side curtain airbags for driver and co-driver
Co-driver side airbag switch
Assistance System
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC)
Speed Assistance System (SAS)
Front Collision Warning (FCW)
Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA)
Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)
Lane Keep Assistance (LKA)
Lane Change Warning (LCW)
Emergency Lane Keeping (ELK)
Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) -
Rear Traffic Alear (RTA) -
LED day running light
LED headlight
LED taillight
Rear fog lamps
Twilight sensor
High-mounted braking light
Park Assistance
Rear parking sensor
Rear parking camera -
360 camera with transparent chassis view -
Safety Belt
Front 3 point + pretensioner and load limiter
Rear 2 sides 3 point + pretensioner and load limiter
Front and rear safety belt reminder
Edition Comfort Luxury
Roof rail
Boneless front wiper
Rear wiper
Tinted windows
Outside Mirrors
With turning indicator
Auto fold -
Body color
Door Handles
Body color
Partial chromed
Edition Comfort Luxury
12V socket
Trunk cover
Trunk lamp
Speed limiter
Knob gear shifter
Chromed door handles
Sunvisor with mirror
Headlights home function
Manual anti-dazzling interior mirror
Sunroof with anti-pinch -
Panoramic sunroof -
V2L (Vehicle to load) discharging - Long Range only
Climate control aircondition
Rear vents
Aircondition with PM2.5/pollen purification
Window Lift
Electrical lift
Driver side auto up&down
Driver side anti-pitch
Steering Wheel
2 way adjust
EV Driving Modes
Driving mode selection
Kinetic energy regeneration system (KERS)
Virtual cluster 7" 7"
Touch screen 10.1" 10.1"
Speakers 4 6
3D-geluidseffect -
2 microphones
5 USB portals (including 2 type C portals)
Wireless phone charging -
MG iSMART Lite Connectivity System
Remote control
Scheduled charging
Carplay/Android Auto
MG iSMART Connectivity System -
Remote control -
Voice control -
Weather forecast -
Real-time traffic navigation with range prediction -
Trip and agenda synchronization -
Amazon streaming music -
Central Lock
Remote lock
Keyless entry
One-button engine start
Edition Comfort Luxury
Driver seat 6 ways adjustable
Co-driver seat 4 ways adjustable
Driver seat electrical adjustable -
Co-driver manual adjustable
Map pocket behind the front seats -
Fabric seats -
PU+PVC stoelen -
Front seats heating
Rear seats with central armrest -
40:60 foldable rear seats
Edition Comfort Luxury
17" alloy rim with hubcap
Tyre repair set
ComfortStandard Range ComfortLong Range LuxuryStandard Range LuxuryLong Range
Home Charger Type 2 mode 2
Type 2 mode 3 charging cable
Edition Comfort Luxury
Dover White Non-metallic paint dover-white
Pebble Black Metallic paint pebble-black
Diamond Red Metallic paint diamond-red
Como Blue Metallic paint como-blue
Cosmic Silver Metallic paint cosmic-silver
Edition Comfort Luxury

*Final version subjects to homologation figures.

The images shown here are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from the standard specifications per type. No rights can be derived from the photos. MG reserves the right to change models, colours, specifications and equipment without prior notice and without obligation to change the cars already in the market.